Application Period, Methods And Process

Application Period

We accept application submissions from mid of November, 2018 for 2019 Intake Admission.

More information will be avaialble soon.


Application Methods

Applications can be submitted through the following channels:


  1. Please be reminded the documents to be submitted together with the Application Form that are listed on the Graduate School website.
  2. Applicants can download the referee Confidential Recommendation Form from the Online Application webpage. You are advised to choose one academic referee and one professional referee. The academic referee should be able to comment on your academic ability and preferably have direct experience of your academic work. The professional referee can be your current or previous employer who should be able to speak your professional abilities.

Application Process

  1. Preliminary Review - Your application is NOT considered complete until the Graduate School Office receives all the required documents. Completed applications are reviewed by the admission committee, and short-listed candidates are invited to an interview.
  2. Selection Interview - Each candidate will be interviewed by 2 faculty members.
  3. Review and Decision - The admission committee reviews the completed applications and makes a decision.
  4. Tuition Payment - Accepted applicants must pay the non-refundable first instalment of the tuition fees to confirm their place.
  5. Orientation Day - Once the registration process has been completed, you are invited to an orientation before the programme commences.