Scholarship and Financial Assistance

HKBU Scholarship

Graduation Academic Award

The Graduation Academic Award is designed to reward students who have attained excellent scholastic performance in their MScSHRM study at HKBU. The award is worth HK$10,000 and is available to the top 3 students who have attained:

  1. Cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above;

  2. No repeated courses; and

  3. No course grade below B-

HKBU Alumni Entrance Award

The HKBU Alumni Entrance Award aims to encourage our HKBU Bachelor’s Degree alumni to pursue continuous learning. The award is worth HK$10,000 and is available to a maximum of 2 top alumni students with highest accumulative GPA.

The award recipients will be notified during Orientation and shall receive HK$2,500 in the first semester of their MScSHRM study at HKBU and HK$2,500 per semester, starting from the second semester upon achieving cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above (out of 4.0 maximum) in each semester of MScSHRM study.

Eligible Awardees:
  1. HKBU Bachelor’s Degree alumni;

  2. Limited to the top two alumni students with highest accumulative GPA; and

  3. Overall Degree standing should not be lowered than Second Class Honour Division I


Financial Assistance

Students can apply for the HKSAR’s Continuing Education Fund (CEF) for a reimbursement up to HK$25,000 (courses from 1 August 2022) and/or HKSAR’s Government Extended Non-Means Tested Loan Schemes (ENLS).

For details, you can contact the CEF and ENLS office respectively: