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Awards and Achievement

Ms. Angela Yip
Ms. Angela Yip

2019 graduate

*Trainer of The Year Award, HKMA 2019
*Distinguished Trainer Award, HKMA 2019
*Gold Award, Education & Training Award, PATA (Asia Pacific) 2019
*Silver Award, Skill Training Campaign Award, HKMA 2018
*Best Presentation Award, Skill Training Campaign Award, HKMA 2018
*Gold Award, Best Learning & Development Programme, CTGoodJobs HK 2018

Angela Yip expressed her special thanks for the MScSHRM programme that has polished her presentations skills and has taken her career to the next level. She said, “With the Strategic HRM knowledge that I have gained from the courses and workshops, I am not only able to run a training programme, but also tie it to our HR and business aspects as well as to provide HR insight to my management, leading to a strategic workplace culture.”

Ms. Ruby Hsieh
Ms. Ruby Hsieh

2013 graduate

Winner of the 2016 HR Rising Star - HR Innovation Award

This award recognises and publicly honours young outstanding HR practitioners, below the age of 35, who offer valuable insights to Hong Kong’s HR community, are able to make significant contributions to their workplace at the early stage of their HR career, and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.

Ms. Jess Cheuk
Ms. Jess Cheuk

2014 graduate

Received the following awards during her MScSHRM study

  • Hong Kong Institute of HRM, 2013 HR Excellence Award
  • Hong Kong Management Association, 2014 Silver Quality Award
  • Awardee of 2014 Rudy Choy Educational Fund of SKAL International Hong Kong
Ms. Ada To
Ms. Ada To

2004 graduate

In 2009, she received the "Frasers Hospitality Award for Best HR Leader". The following year, she received 2010 HRM award: Kelly Selection for Best HR Leader, organised by


Alumni Message

Mr. C. Y. Chan
Mr. C. Y. Chan

2008 graduate

Co-Owner, Head of Talent Engagement and Corporate Social Investment

Hong Kong Broadband Network

“It was like a wake-up call for me at that point in terms of how I should move forward professionally.” The MScSHRM programme is the answer CY Chan searching for at the crossroad of his HR career, feeling the urgency to widen his horizons and aiming for a bigger leap. The courses call attention to sustainability training from the point of view how an HR can play the role of business strategy in macro level, going beyond HR daily functions and practices. Better still, most of the classmates are seasoned executives from different industries, networking and experiences sharing with the pool of talents have inspired CY Chan with new spirits on his work. View more...

Ms. Veronica Fung
Ms. Veronica Fung

2018 graduate

HR Business Partner

FMCG Company

This Strategic HRM programme at HKBU brought HR practitioners together helping us become a strategic, professional business partner. It differentiates us from other HR professionals, with comprehensive training on business analytics, leadership, I-O psychology and other HR skills. Perhaps not all of us will become CEOs one day, but we are changing the traditional perception of HR - an administration expert. This programme equips me the skills, knowledge and tools to become a strategic partner, leading to better career prospects.

Ms. Angela Yip
Ms. Angela Yip

2019 graduate

Learning and Development Professional

Real Estate Industry

Keen to expand my Human Resources and Business Management knowledge beyond the field of Hospitality, I enrolled in the Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) Master Degree offered by HKBU in 2017. The programme emerged as the front runner over other local HR programme, in large part due to its stellar reputation and comprehensive in its educational approach. I was particularly impressed by the sound background of the lecturers, both in their research and professional experiences. SHRM emphasizes on group-based assignment and presentation,which equipped me with better the most essential managerial skills, project management skills and presentation skills.

Meanwhile, the highly practical course content gave me the business know-how and the confidence in handling complex HR projects in an effective and efficient way, striving to achieve my company's business goals.

Overall, the programme proved a boon for my career in the hotel industry, I went from being the Training Manager in 2017 to Director and Human Resources Executive Committee Member in 2019. I have also put the knowledge and theory into practice and have won 6 HR & Training awards since I joined the SHRM programme, including the 2019 HKMA Trainer of the Year Award, 2018 HKMA Best Presenter Award and 2019 Gold Award, Education & Training, Asia Pacific PATA.

I would definitely recommend this programme to HR/ Business talent who wants to enrich their HR knowledge, connections and career prospects.

Ms. Cindy Chow
Ms. Cindy Chow

2020 graduate

Chief Executive

ChickenSoup Foundation

The HKBU Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources Management has definitely widened my perspective on many levels, from management, strategic thinking to connecting all HR solutions with business strategic goals. SHRM has definitely supported me in excelling my work practices and enabling better decision making to support my job as a whole. I have gained so much through each module and especially with the Consultancy project, where I was able to utilize everything I have learnt throughout the two years and practically apply to the project, where I am very proud of. I strongly believe the knowledge I have learnt and gained from SHRM can bring me far to my goal in the near future.

Chris LAW

Publishing Manager
Educational Service Provider
2017 graduate

The MScSHRM programme is rich in content, and diverse in the mode of learning as we aren't just given lectures or assignments, but also exposure opportunities, such as a day of outreach for team building, and an exchange session with students from the Utah University. It challenges the traditional concept of HR which is all about job interviews, payroll, administration, etc, through introducing the concept of HR being a strategic partner to the executive board driving business success. In short, all HR functions are ideally tied to business growth. I got a lot inspired by my classmates who are mostly seasoned HR practitioners. They have become my close buddies and will continue to enlighten me in career development. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone interested to know more about HR.

Aileen YU

General Manager - HR Department
CITIC Pacific Limited
2012 graduate

"Through a highly interactive, action-learning approach, the MScSHRM Programme provided me a unique and effective learning experience that allowed me to challenge the status quo, which I believe is important for senior HR executives. World-class teaching faculty not only leads me through the academic world but also shared their excellent expertise from a global perspective. Overall, this programme has established a good platform for developing HR professionalism at the strategic level."

Lucy LI

Organisation Development Director
LKK Health Products Group Ltd.
2012 graduate

"The MScSHRM programme has provided us a systematic and holistic overview [of strategic human resource management], as well as insights into how organisations can create competitive advantage through their people. During case study discussions led by experienced professors, we benefitted from the exchange of disparate views and sharing of HRM experience with classmates from different industries. This course has changed our mindset and inspired us to be real strategic business partners, creating value for business to win in the market place."


Human Resources Manager
Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
2011 graduate

"Working at an NGO, this MScSHRM programme enables me to tackle challenges at work from a more macro perspective. It has enhanced my strategic mindset, and improved my problem solving skill to develop effective organisational HR policies and procedures, and it has also broadened my HR professional network which helps stimulate my insight."


Manager / Chief of Human Resources Development Division
Intelligence Hong Kong Ltd.
2011 graduate

"SHRM programme does not solely let me revisit the essential roles and responsibilities of an HR professional, but also lead me to explore the up-to-date HR issues in the contemporary business world. I particularly appreciate the diversity of the class, composed by people from different nations, industries, mindset and etc. It would definitely be an exciting experience for making change in my life."

Tracy PUN

Human Resources Manager
St. James’ Settlement
2011 graduate

"Taking this course allowed me to make in depth study on theories that I can apply to my job, as well as see aspects of HR which are not readily seen in the NGO field where I work. Meeting and sharing with my classmates also exposed me to a much wider HR mindset than I had previously experienced."

Francis CHAN

Director, Projects, Group Human Resources
Esquel Enterprises Ltd.
2010 graduate

"The MScSHRM combines not only theory, but also practical tools, such as change management and HR measurement, that allows HR practitioners and managers to deploy strategic HR initiatives in their organisations. In addition to learning from instructors and peers in class, the programme culminates in a challenging, yet rewarding, HR consulting project, where we were able to act as HR consultants to address a real company need."


HKU Space
2008 graduate

"Studying on this programme is not only a very challenging and motivating learning experience, but also one of the best investments that I have made. The programme has already given me lots of tangible and intangible returns, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the best HRM MSc degree in Hong Kong."


Deputy HR Manager
PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd
2008 graduate

"The MScSHRM equips students to deliver HR services from a strategic perspective. Some modules taught us how to use scientific methods to support strategic viewpoints, which I found very practical. Moreover, by serving a real company client during the Degree Project, I really consolidated the knowledge I learnt from the programme."

Regina LAW

Manager (Career Structure and Progression) - Human Resources Division
Hospital Authority Head Office
2007 graduate

"The programme is an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge. The Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems is blessed with a team of international faculty members who are extremely skilled in encouraging student participation. They offer a systematic understanding of HRM from a truly global perspective and demonstrate their professional knowledge of the full spectrum of HR functions. Networking and experience-sharing with classmates, who are all knowledgeable and experienced HR practitioners and managers, is equally enlightening and rewarding. The programme is more than about just getting another qualification: it is a lifelong pass to an intellectual hub of knowledge and friendship."